Saturday, January 15, 2011

Getting to Know Cool Florida Hikers

Amazing scenic photo I took in Yellowstone National Park

To begin this journey I think you should know a little bit about us.  My name is Eric and I am in my early 40's. I was born in New York but moved to Florida at the age of 3.  My father is a surgeon that studied in Bologna, Italy.  While there, he met and married my mom.  The combination between a New Yorker and an Italian provided my sister, two brothers and I with an interesting and adventurous childhood.  My father, being a young surgeon, worked night and day so my mom stayed home and raised us.  Things at home got a little overwhelming at times but it was a great childhood.
One of the amazing things my father did for us was to share his love of the outdoors. He made sure to fit in vacations that always had to do with history and outdoor activities.  That's where I got the bug for wildlife and the outdoors.

As a child in Florida my wilderness was the everglades.  At that time the river of grass was vast and pristine.  Its beauty and wildlife came right into my backyard (an alligator even ended up in our swimming pool). I spent my days exploring the local wildlife including alligators (which I love) and bass fishing.  We also took many trips to Italy to visit my family and travel through the neighboring European countries. My favorite parts of these trips, besides the food, were the trips to the Alps. This ignited my desire for travel and exploration. Other places we traveled to were, North Carolina, Canada, and Colorado.  Many of these vacations were ski trips. I have recently discovered that even though I love skiing, it was the surrounding wilderness that was more important to me.  It gave me the sense of freedom and peace.  I need this freedom in my life.  As we got older, my dad took us rock climbing, backpacking, and camping.  These were the best.  I always enjoyed testing my abilities and learning outdoor skills.

When I turned 15, I met a girl of Italian descent.  Her name is Marisa.  Our backgrounds had two things in common, we were both from Italian families and we both had restaurants in our families.  That's where our common ground ended.  None the less her physical beauty and more importantly her interior were so incredible that we developed an unbreakable friendship.  A never ending love consumed us.  We could not be apart.  My parents (thank God) also developed an unyielding love for her.  She became a part of our family.  So much so, that when my parents planned a trip, they purchased a trip for her as well.  She went from taking 1-2 family vacations in her life to traveling pretty frequently.  These vacations developed her passion and need to travel.  Soon college came into the picture (we went our separate ways for a year or so). At this time, playing the drums in a rock and roll band with my brother and friends was my main entertainment.  My brother and I stilled continued the act of outdoor exploration by going on backpacking trips in the surrounding areas such as New Hampshire and Massachusettes.  It was finally time to mature. I graduated school as a veterinarian and Marisa became a teacher. We always kept in touch during this time. The love we shared never died.  So, I did what felt great.  Right after graduation (1996) we got married and settled in Florida.  Two years later we started a family and have a beautiful boy and girl.
our children

Our lifestyle continues to include many vacations and a lot of outdoor activities. The experiences that we have had through the years with our family and friends and the ones we expect to make in the future are ones that we want to share.  Short stories are our chosen path to bring them to you. From deciding where to go next, to fulling the adventure.  These stories are full of excitement and humor, as well as fear, and hunger pains.  But most of all, a sense of pride, of completion, and a heart filled sense of fulfillment.  For people like myself, hearing and reading about these adventures gets me excited about the next trip and puts me at ease during the day to day grind of work.  It also teaches me outdoor skills that I may lack.  Marisa and I thought it would be fun to take our fellow bloggers on this journey from the past to future adventures from beginning to end.  We hope this blog will inspire more people to step into the wilderness with us.


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